Boat Slider tracks – Save Your Back & the Boats Bottom

  • Proven for over 27 years on rocky West Coast beaches.
  • Glide along just like it was sliding on ice!


Boat Slider Trax® 自1988年以来,该系统已经获得了专利,并在各种岩石海滩上进行了测试,被北美各地的数百名小船主使用. 这些部件可以让船的龙骨像在冰上滑动一样在上面滑动. 柔韧的不锈钢导轨可以承受波浪作用和岩石海滩的滥用. They will perform on hard sand, but if sand covers the slippery plastic skids, scratching and hull wear can occur. Therefore, Boat Slider Trax® are not recommended for sandy beaches. Instead, we recommend Boat Dollies equipped with special sand wheels. 如果您有冰球突破网站首页滑轨的具体问题,请直接到


Standard Slider Trax®

设计留下的地方,灵活的标准滑块Trax® 已经在崎岖的岩石海滩上测试了27年. 坚固的不锈钢梯子几乎可以用一辈子, requires no maintenance, and is flexible to handle abuse by wind and waves. Installation or removal is fast and easy. Can be anchored and left in place.

300 lbs capacity, 8′ section, 4 skid unit: $300.00 USD
300 lbs capacity, 1 pair 32″ joiner rod: $34.00 USD
600 lbs capacity, 8′ section, 7 skid unit: $534.00 USD
600 lbs capacity, 1 pair 16″ joiner rod: $36.00 USD

折叠便携式-船-滑块- trax白厅-划船和帆船-附件- 300 *

Folding Slider Trax®

这是一种简单、便携的解决方案,可以让你的船在波涛汹涌的岩石海滩上起航和返回. 特点是一个难以置信的坚韧不锈钢铰链机制,将永远持续. One gets you clear of the water; two enables leap-frogging across wide beaches. 可以很容易地折叠和储存在你的船或汽车的后备箱中.

15″宽,300磅容量,8 ' 6″节,5橇单位:$265.00 USD
24″宽,300磅容量,8 ' 6″节,5橇单位:$327.00 USD
24″宽,600磅容量,8 ' 6″节,5橇单位:$462.00 USD

Trax® Accessories

海堤-梯- ls -好-政府-划船和帆船配件- 300 x298

Sea Wall Ladder

滑滑的海堤梯子能使250磅的船移动超过2 ', 3′, 用手或借助绞车或轻便滑车的帮助,在4英尺的海堤上. Maintenance-free plastic and metal construction. 梯子可铰接堆放在墙上或不使用时存放在其他地方.

Ladder: Seawall; 300lb, 4′ for up to 2 foot wall: $1113.00 USD
Ladder: Seawall; 300lb, 6′ for up to 3 foot wall: $1311.00 USD
Ladder: Seawall; 300lb, 8′ for up to 4 foot wall: $1584.00 USD

bs - std - turngrid wh17白厅-划船和帆船-附件- 300 x298

Turning Grid

Square-in-the-stern boats like aluminum skiffs, rigid-hulled inflatables, 或者是普华永道唯一一种船头朝前的滑梯,因为船尾挂在滑板上. 将你的船集中在旋转网格上,旋转180度重新下水. Handles boats up to 250 lbs.

Turning Grid: 400lb, 30″: $250.00 USD

船木马道-锚板-政府-划船和帆船配件- 298×

Anchor Kit

Anchor kits are required for the Standard Trax® 在波浪或潮汐作用会移动轨道的地方.只需将钢板埋在一英尺左右,然后将链条绑在轨道末端. 在有波浪作用的地方,建议锚定轨道的两端.

$79.00 USD

Compare Models

Length Weight Capacity
Standard Trax® 8′ units 10 lbs 300 lbs
Standard Trax® (Heavy Duty) 8′ units 20 lbs 600 lbs
Folding Trax® (Narrow) 6′ or 10′ 8 or 12 lbs 300 lbs
Folding Trax® (Wide) 6′ or 10′ 10 or 16 lbs 300 lbs
Folding Trax® (Wide, Heavy Duty) 6′ or 10′ 10 or 16 lbs 600 lbs

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