The Whitehall Spirit® 17 Expedition model is our top-of-the-line sailing & sculling rowboat and available fully equipped including two slide seat sculling units, 两部分的桅杆, 船首斜桅, roller furling light air jib, a choice of either solid teak floorboards or fully buoyant ocean tender floor plus much more. Check out the PDF Order Form or call for more information, see details below.

This boat is impeccably custom built by our master craftsmen in our shop in Victoria BC. 这是一个 rowing sailing boat built to last 100 years or more providing sailing and rowing pleasure for generations. Our commitment to highest quality plus superior design makes this the ultimate boat of its type in the marketplace. It is CE certified and US Coast Guard approved. Built-in buoyancy makes it virtually unsinkable.

Perfect for fun day sailing, sculling or rowing while exploring coastal waters, lakes, or rivers. Needing only 6 inches of water with its bronze centreboard and rudder fully retracted, this boat can tuck into quiet, 未开发的, 和不拥挤的地方. It’s trailerable for travelling and beachable, for landing ashore to camp or checking out the shoreline.

This boat is right at home stored on the deck of a yacht, 在机舱, 停在码头上, or on a trailer in the garage.

As with all our models, the sailing gear is fast and easy to install or remove without tools. The mast simply lifts out of its reinforced support socket. The mainsail boom includes a bronze clew outhaul tackle. The mast is two-part with a carbon fiber sleeve, enabling compact stowage inside the boat. It is 6″ longer than the regular 17′ sailing models mast to accommodate a roller furling light air jib. The light air jib furler mounts on the removable teak 船首斜桅.

The boat can be sailed with the mast freestanding, 然而, an additional included feature is Spectra running backstays, offering better sail shape and windward sailing ability. Reefing gear is standard and the mainsail can be reefed while out on the water.

有一个 ‘Setting Up the 帆 Rig’ video available here.

The Whitehall Spirit® Expedition model also includes two slide seat sculling units with bronze hinging outriggers providing stability, 安慰, and safety even while rowing in wind and waves. Being stable it is well suited for beginners, experienced or even hard-core competitive rowers, for fitness training or cross-training for those who desire a low-impact, full-body workout. In slide seat sculling mode the layout is virtually identical the Whitehall Spirit® Slide Seat Sculling Model.

致电或联络冰球突破网站首页 for details and any further information. We have over thirty years the experience of thousands of happy owners to draw from regarding any specific needs or circumstances.

底价 56000美元

Complete boat and all of the included gear and accessories is available on the PDF Order Form link below:

Classic Whitehall Spirit 17 Expedition Model 定价 & 配件PDF (美元)

Classic Whitehall Models 配件 USD 定价 PDF: 在这里下载

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    The hull is hand-laid fiberglass, impeccably finished inside and out. The woodwork is solid teak finished in hand-rubbed oil, meaning maintenance is not an issue, and will require only about three hours per year. Copper rivets and roves are used on the gunnel, and the metal fittings are custom-cast bronze. The photo album below shows close-up details of the fine workmanship.

    The woodwork is hand-picked solid teak, usually bookmatched. It is hand-rubbed with three coats of our special outdoor oil – teak does not require varnish finish. The mast and boom are made from clear, tight-grained sitka spruce and coated with three coats of marine-quality varnish.

    This boat can achieve speeds that are considerably greater than its hull speed when sailing off the wind.

    帆面积 80平方英尺,8平方米 25平方英尺,2.5平方米
    长度 16’11” (5.2 m) 重量 319磅(145公斤)
    52″ (132 cm) 权力 2 - 8惠普LS-OB
    深度 18″ (46 cm) 1-5(825磅/375公斤)
    草案 6″ (15 cm) 地板 80磅(36公斤)
    活动龙骨下来 22″ (56 cm) 贷款包括. 船首斜桅 20′ (6.1 m)
    软风臂 45平方英尺,14平方米
    Choice of either the Solid Teak 地板s or a Ocean Tender Fully Buoyant Floor 包括(3500美元.00美元值)
    斯特恩汽车垫 $182.00美元
    One Single Slide Seat Sculling Unit (available) (电话或电子邮件 详情)


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    Many customers first print the “定价 and 配件PDF”, in the “定价”选项卡上面, for the boat they are planning to purchase, and then check-off the items they are interested in before calling or sending it to us. This is a good way to begin the process.

    另外, you can call to discuss your options, especially if you are unsure about what Whitehall boat model you are interested in. Your order may be as simple as a basic rowing model with oars, or as elaborate as a slide-seat rowing & sailing model with accessories, delivered to another continent.

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    We are located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia Canada on the Pacific side of North America. If you call outside of our normal business hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and get our message machine, please let us know the best time and way to reach you.

    Expedition Whitehall 17 Interior, 白厅划船 and 帆

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