The Westcoast 11.6 slide seat single scull rowboat flies along using 9’6″ sculling oars. 它能很容易地在湍急的波浪中划船. Tracking is positive due to the full-length tracking keel. 用作游艇供应船或在农舍使用时, the sliding seat sculling gear provides complete exercise making it a perfect personal gym.

The ergonomics of the sculling gear is virtually identical to a racing shell, 也就是说背部没有压力, arms, or legs. 桨对划手来说非常平衡.

This boat handles conditions that are way too rough for a racing scull or even an open water shell. 它是一种理想的岸边船或游艇供应船, 很适合去小屋, parked on a dock, 或者在车库里的拖车上.

It can carry passengers while in slide seat sculling mode and easily converts back to a traditional fixed-seat rowboat for transporting more people or gear. Two fixed seat rowing stations enable a choice of rowing position depending on the load carried.

See the 传统Westcoast 11.6 model for more details about traditional row mode for this boat.

来自旧金山的Henry Turkel报道:

“My Westcoast 11.6 sculling rowboat certainly blows by other rowing dinghies of comparable size and she turns heads and drops jaws whenever I row through an anchorage at speed. 我希望每次听到,我都有一块钱, 那艘船真漂亮. 你在哪里找到她的?


This boat is custom made by our master craftsmen in our shop in Victoria, BC Canada. It is 建造寿命为100年的划艇 or longer providing rowing/sculling fitness and fun for generations of rowers. Our commitment to the highest quality plus superior design makes this the best boat of its type in the marketplace. 它是CE认证和美国海岸警卫队批准. 它内置的浮力使它几乎不会沉没.

The hull is hand-laid fiberglass, impeccably finished inside and out. 木制品是手工擦油的实心柚木. 维护每年只需要大约三个小时. Copper rivets and roves are used on the gunnel, and the metal fittings are custom-cast bronze.

The Westcoast 11.6 has an “untucked” full transom rather than the “wineglass” shape of a Whitehall. 更丰满的船体形状增加了船尾的浮力, making the boat suitable for carrying a heavier load and, if desired, 小型马达,如马达 Torqeedo电动舷外.

It is available with an optional solid teak floorboard or a fully-buoyant “Ocean Tender Floor” which adds substantial extra reserve buoyancy to the boat. The forward storage locker enables gear such as small gas tanks, tackle boxes, 或留在船上的救生衣, dry and secure.

经典白厅精灵®西海岸11.6滑梯座Sculling模型也可与 传统固定座位划艇 gear or as a sailing model. 它也被广泛地用作 救生员巡逻划艇.


Base Price $19,950 USD


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    The hull is hand-laid fiberglass, impeccably finished inside and out. 木制品是手工擦油的实心柚木, 意味着维护不是问题, 每年只需要大约三个小时. Copper rivets and roves are used on the gunnel, and the metal fittings are custom-cast bronze. The photo album below shows close-up details of the fine workmanship.
    Length 11’6″ (3.5 m) Weight 243 lbs (110 kg)
    Beam 54″ (137 cm) Power 2-6.5 hp OB
    Depth 18″ (46 cm) Persons 1-4(600磅/272公斤)
    Draft 6″ (15 cm) Floorboard Add 36 lbs (16 kg)
    Teak floorboards $2200.00 USD
    海洋供应船全浮力底 $2100.00 USD
    Rowing Footstops Standard
    Stern motor pad $150.00 USD
    不锈钢龙骨带 $650.00 USD


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    Many customers first print the “Pricing and Accessories PDF”, in the “Pricing” tab above, 购买他们计划购买的船, and then check-off the items they are interested in before calling or sending it to us. 这是开始这个过程的一个好方法.

    Alternatively, 你可以打电话讨论你的选择, especially if you are unsure about what Whitehall boat model you are interested in. Your order may be as simple as a basic rowing model with oars, 或者像滑梯划艇一样复杂 & sailing model with accessories, delivered to another continent.

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