There is a strong argument to be made in favor of stating that 白厅划船 & 帆船手工艺品最好的全水 小船里帆船 在这个世界上. Premium materials include 精选的柚木, 砂型铸造青铜, 黄铜, 铜 和 手 玻璃纤维. 经典看起来, 技术创新, 他们像梦一样在各种水的条件下划船和航行.

2 -白厅划船和帆-滑座克劳迪娅- 1163 x1247


你如何量化健康的感觉, 或者利用你身体的满足感, 你的整个身体, to propel you 和 boat across a glassy lake or confidently negotiate four foot swells, or the feeling of serenity while your mind is focused in the moment on nothing but the fluid power of your stroke? 除了冰球突破网站首页自己,冰球突破网站首页不会回答任何人, 但冰球突破网站首页知道这就是为什么冰球突破网站首页被启发去制造, 冰球突破网站首页认为, the finest 划船 和 帆船 在这个世界上 for over 30 years.


不要只相信冰球突破网站首页的话. Honestly, our customers regularly say it better than we ever could with 奖状 是这样的:

我自豪地拥有一家 白厅独奏14. I am interested in being an Ambassador for 英国政府 because I love my boat. It’s a work of art; I feel safe in it when I’m out on the water; I get a great work out 和 you can never put a price on the “high” a 桨手 experiences as one glides along the water early in the morning when the mist is rising off the water, loons are sounding in the distance 和 you feel you could row to the other side of the world. 这还只是开始.

我住在渥太华河边,离这里大约100公里 渥太华安大略省. When I purchased my 独奏14 two years ago, I also ordered the dolly, cover, etc… 和 have no regrets. The boat dolly makes it so easy to launch the boat as well as store it.

If anyone is seriously interested in 划船 on a waterway with boat traffic, 这是一艘不可缺少的船. 它确实是一艘全水划艇.

P -沙龙.

4 -白厅划船-和-航行船只p8117234 - 1663 x1247


I just rowed 12 miles a couple days ago (the mileage isn’t that extraordinary), 但我如何 伟大的蔓越莓岛. 这个岛的南岸对海岸是开放的 缅因湾, so you have to choose your weather… still had 6 foot swells (long period) … the 英国政府 was great.

今年夏天到目前为止,我在独奏14上每周跑了大约10英里, one-third of the time with my 9-year-old in the stern 和 my 11-year-old in the bow (my 9-year-old is heavier!).

我把它放在码头上,发射需要3分钟. I’ve casually thought of starting a 划船-club/rental here (as we get huge tourist crowds in the summer) with maybe a fleet of three 独奏14s, 但我需要再考虑一下.

It wasn’t purposeful, but I had her in 6 foot near breaking waves (I was scared!), 但她没有把一滴水放进海浪里, 和 in following seas she didn’t have any big tendency to broach. I shouldn’t have been out in this particular stretch with the tide, 水流和水深, 但索罗14号让我安全返回! I carry a PLB, radio, 和 cell phone (和 anchor in case an oarlock breaks). 我是一名退休的海岸警卫队军官, so the last thing I want is the 海岸警卫队 picking me out of the water.

皮特- C.




我已经在白厅划10分钟左右的2000米了!!!!!!!!! 我6英尺4英寸″260磅. 巨大的腿驱动.

我所做的一切甚至是排在一个Concept2交叉适合. 不要在水里. 两次出场,看着 白厅学会排视频 我已经一次又一次地掌握了技巧.

我是一个 整形外科医生 with my own bum knee 和 this provides me now with a no impact workout that I can do the rest of my life leaving my knee protected 和 pain free as I 锻炼.




评论s like these make us think of our customers more as “大使,”,, 正如你在上面看到的, 他们做的太. 冰球突破网站首页没有经销商或转售商, rather a g划船 contingent of these 白厅大使 around the world very willing to show their 船 to complete strangers in their area, 并且经常愿意让他们带他们出去划船. 这是激情!

本质上,这就是白厅赛艇的原因 & 帆.